The Learning Systems Design and Development Competencies (Artifact Description):

Mobile Web Application Development

Main Artifact (Click on the link below):

Thinking Inside The Box

Design Plan

Additional Artifacts Related to This Competency(Click on the links below to download):

Information Architecture Click Stream

Information Architecture Process Flow


New to the Area

Artifact Description:

This description will discuss more than one project because of the way the class was organized. We started with individual assignments to gain foundational skills in mobile web application development. Later, we were assigned teams and through a group project continued our learning.

I’ll start with a description of the Additional Artifacts, which exhibit the building of this competency. After studying different types of mobile applications, my first entry into development was to create an idea for a mobile app. Next, I developed a click stream and process flow. These allowed me to understand how the user would engage my application, what needs it would fulfill and how. I submitted my click stream and process flow for peer evaluation and through discussion with the class I learned how to improve the application and more about the process of information architecture. The learning from this stage informed the design of the application and the development of the wireframe to define its information hierarchy.

The last step was to put our learnings into practice with the start of a build. I created an application called: New to the Area. It was a mobile web application for a person who has just moved to a new geographic area. It provides them with essential information about and the location of services needed after a move: Department of Motor Vehicles, restaurants, grocery, post office, etc. You can access it under the additional artifacts. The application was not completed since we moved into group projects for our final assignment. The Department of Motor Vehicles section was finished and exhibits my progression from planning to execution.

Our final project in the class was to take the build of a mobile web application to completion using HTML5 and jQuery. The class was broken into four groups and each group was assigned one of the applications created by a member of the class. Our group project was a mobile web application called Thinking Inside the Box that taught a novel geometry concept for finding the area of a shape. Our group leader was the subject matter expert and initial creator of the application. We met weekly through Skype and worked on some tasks as a group and others individually to keep the project progressing. I contributed to the following:

  • Design Plan (group)
  • Project Management Plan (group)
  • Developed theme/design layout (group)
  • Designed home/ landing page (group)
  • Build /code the shell or framework for specific sections: triangles and circles
    (individual and group)
  • Develop artwork for the application (header, shape illustrations, etc.) (individual)

While another team member and myself were building the sections of the application, the group leader was writing the content. Once my sections were built I created the artwork for the application to complete its visual presentation. Another team member then would begin adding in the content. Our group leader combined all the sections. And finally, each team member made a final check of the code and presentation of the app before submission.


I was excited to learn how to create a mobile web application because of its emerging popularity in eLearning. But I found that in 16 weeks it was only possible to gain a very basic foundation in mobile web application development. This is the type of subject I could see benefitting from at least a two-level presentation.

What I learned in this class gave a basic overview and introduction to mobile web application development. But an intermediate and perhaps even the addition of an advanced class I feel would be very beneficial to the program. An intermediate class would give students an opportunity to learn more advanced programming functions. An advanced class could introduce students to how to move into developing mobile learning. What types of learning work for the mobile space? How does learning have to be adapted to work effectively in mLearning? These are questions I would like to further explore, along with learning more advanced programming functions.

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