The University of Missouri - Columbia
Learning Systems Design and Development:

Welcome to my portfolio. I completed the LSDD (Learning Systems Design and Development) focus area of the Educational Technology program within the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. It equips students with the ability to design and develop learning systems. The courses emphasize learning by doing. They combine individual assignments that promote critical thinking skills, and group projects which foster collaboration with others from a variety of backgrounds. My completion of the program as an online student also had an added benefit. It provided exposure to similar environments and tools that will be used by those I will guide through the learning process in the future.


When looking over the course of my career it seemed a natural fit. Though I have spent my career in the visual arts creating printed products, I found myself repeatedly solving the same problem: performance issues because of lack of knowledge or training gaps. I continually recognized the same need and would step outside of my job description and develop the training required to bring a sense of order and productivity to the process. I also discovered I enjoyed it. When the desire for a career change became strong enough to pursue, my research brought me to Instructional Design. MU’s program combined the solid educational foundation I needed and the relevant use of technology I was interested in, to prepare me for a career transition.

This portfolio showcases what I learned in the Master’s of Education in Information Science and Learning Technologies program at the University of Missouri - Columbia. It demonstrates the competencies I obtained through various projects within the courses. I completed the entire degree online through MU Direct, since I resided in NE Pennsylvania.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. — William Butler Yeats